Baywood Racquet Club

is a full service tennis club that features…

Clay courts with lighting
League play for all levels
Professional instruction for all ages & levels
Club social events such as family night, ladies & men’s quads, as well as tournaments!

Henry Hostetler has been Baywood’s owner & operator since 1994.

Court Review

expert court construction

Extensive upgrades and thorough maintenance make
our courts a comfortable place for training and play

  • Lights to accommodate nighttime play
  • Courts nestled among windbreak trees
  • Enjoy a competitive or casual game
  • Baywood courts meet regulation standards

Selection of Tennis Racquets

Tennis Balls? They’re Here!

Array of Top Brand Shoes

Tennis Accessories & Gear

Baywood Club Staff

Baywood Racquet Club is honored to provide you with the best tennis instructors. Our staff is here to support your needs.

Henry Hostetler
Robert Warren
Head Pro
Jacob Hostetler
Assistant Manager
Tom Smith


It doesn’t matter what level of tennis you play, Baywood is a welcoming and friendly environment. I have grown up playing at Baywood. It is a great place!

Jeevan Tewari

Baywood Racquet Club has consistently met my standards as a first class tennis club. The courts are properly maintained, and the surroundings are quite attractive.

Will Martin

Baywood is the tennis club we used to introduce our children to tennis and get the whole family playing together. We have meet many wonderful people over the course of our 18 year membership. Baywood helped my daughter develop a great passion for tennis that eventually led to play for University of Georgia and then on to a professional career.

CL Herring

Our family has
enjoyed Baywood tremendously in our first year playing tennis! The courts are well-kept
and the club is well-managed.

Margaret Turner

Baywood has such a great family
atmosphere! I enjoy the fellowship with other tennis players and the staff is great!

Kay Christian

Club Membership

Select the best plan

Initial Fee
$500One time
Juniors must be less than 19 years

old as at 1st January

Monthly Dues Single
Monthly Family
Guest Fee

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